Binoculars Children's Playset Toy

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Adding Binoculars to your backyard wooden swing set, custom playset, or tree house creates a magical journey for your child as their imaginations grow through pretend play.  Create your own expedition in your backyard with our kids Binoculars. Kids toys bring adventure to your backyard.  Swingset accessory for your outdoor playset for your backyard. 

Your child will enjoy watching birds and low flying air planes, while discovering new adventures. Binoculars have a cartoon-ish style design. Kids jumbo binoculars are easy to install adding instant fun to your backyard playset.  Installing binoculars on your wooden swing set is a snap with the bolt on mounting bracket.

  • Package includes 1 pair of binoculars and hardware.
  • Made of durable polyethylene with clear plastic lenses
  • Binoculars are green with yellow trim around lenses
  • Residential use
  • Usually ships 2-3 business days